Dinner with live music

Last August 7 (Saturday), at 8:00 pm, a dinner was held at Quinta da Barroca with live music. An intimate moment, with the voice of Fátima Fonseca, accompanied by a piano, which made it an unforgettable evening.

Quinta da Barroca makes scooters available to its clients

Quinta da Barroca has several scooters so that its guests can move around the estate in a faster and more original way. It is a practical mean of transportation that guests can use to visit certain points of the estate that are a considerable distance from each other.


In a partnership with FábricaDouro, Quinta da Barroca held an Olive Oil Tasting, on July 10 at 3pm, at our Restaurant Origens, where it was possible to show this liquid gold that is produced in the Douro region.