Quinta da Barroca provides unique experiences and gives you one more reason to visit Douro. From September 2 to 4, Vindouro, a festival entirely dedicated to wine, is taking place and Quinta da Barroca is offering a 20% discount to all marketers and visitors who choose the corners of the estate to stay.

In the center of the Douro Demarcated Region, and in the middle of the harvest month, wine lovers travel to São João da Pesqueira to get to know a showcase of wines and their producers, together with the wine flavors that are so characteristic of the region. This trip back in time also celebrates traditions and customs, with animations and historical recreations, and a taste of traditional gastronomy. Between tastings, competitions and conversations about wine, there will be no shortage of reasons to celebrate this beloved nectar.

Make your reservation through +351 254 850 850 or by email: reservas@quintadabarroca.com.pt