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Private events, corporate parties, baptisms, birthdays, meetings, congresses and team building. Each event is unique and is prepared according to the theme and taste of the client – “key-in-hand” model. Our goal is to make your event an unforgettable and original experience. All the space is surrounded by a landscape of nature and an inspiring environment, with excellent conditions to hold high quality events.

Here live the experiences

Quinta da Barroca features a large indoor and outdoor space specifically prepared for holding various events. The versatility of the space and its capacity up to 500 people is ideal for developing team building activities, family celebrations, festivities and traditional fairs, gastronomic and wine events, cultural exhibitions and meetings of dynamic business.
All the space is surrounded by a landscape of nature and inspiring environment, with excellent conditions to make huge quality events.

Regional cuisine

Get a taste of the region's respect for flavour and simplicity

Restaurant Origens

Restaurant & catering

The restaurant at Quinta da Barroca is there to assist you when hosting an event. We offer a wide range of dishes and a number of finger food solutions in line with our philosophy based on farm and sustainable products.

We also cater tailored menus.


Are we getting married in Portugal? Portugal, due to its culture, location, friendly welcome, combined with an excellent climate and charm, has been the destination of choice for wedding celebrations. We offer packages with all services included, tailored to each client. Space, decoration, catering, transportation, personalized accompaniment, and local accommodation in the estate are our strong points.

Make your day feel even more special

Let you and your guests be greeted by ancient olive trees and an immense sky, serving welcome drinks in the vegetable garden, in the beehive garden, in the meadows, or in venues such as the hotel bar, all interconnected by outdoor terraces, where all can be entertained and catered with fresh farm to table food. Our gardens are available to receive your guests, to serve as a backdrop to your photo shoot or even to accommodate seated gatherings: meadows filled with wild flowers and perennial grasses, a vast vegetable garden and orchard, vineyards, olive groves and even a small lake resultant from an ancient Roman dam. All the estate can be used as a setting to your special day.


Wedding Planner Service

We have for the bride and groom a Wedding Planner service for nationals and foreigners. 

Catering / own restaurant?

Our farm has its own catering service, guaranteeing all the quality and rigor in its menus. 

What are the most relevant characteristics of the installations?

Garden, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, panoramic views, accommodation with location, accessibility, parking.


Minimum capacity: 50 People event.

Maximum capacity: 250/300 with the addition of a tent and depending on the type of event.

                Civil marriage

We are able to create an altar in our gardens to your liking.

                Churches in the area?

There are beautiful churches in the area, talk to us to help you choose.

Quinta da barroca

The gardens and the estate as your scenery

wine cellar

Get to know the wine produced here


Take with you the best of regional tradition