Quinta da Barroca has introduced new sustainable habits in the property, through the installation of solar panels and the placement of four super-fast chargers for electric cars.Quinta da Barroca now presents two new sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, measures that aim to reduce the ecological footprint and give different alternatives to those who visit us.
The installation of solar panels was one of the first interventions, promoting the reuse of resources, by capturing solar energy from photovoltaic solar panels, which allow the production of an alternative, renewable and environmentally friendly energy.
This energy, which is constantly growing, promotes a low environmental impact, and is one of the most sustainable energies in the world, as it is supplied by an inexhaustible and free source – the sun.
Another measure implemented was the installation of four super-fast chargers, available free of charge to supply electric cars.
The substitution of traditional vehicles by electric vehicles is constantly expanding, with benefits such as the reduction of gas and particulate emissions, making it a more economical option for motorists. The new chargers are a way to respond to this growth, allowing all guests and visitors to have a quick and easy solution at their disposal.
In this way, the property encompasses measures to preserve natural resources and use them in a conscious way, affirming Quinta da Barroca as an increasingly sustainable space.